CS Package – Session 1

Monday 24th October 2016 CS stands for the Creative Suit Package. In this session we looked at type and integrating type on photoshop, before looking to create our own. 

The beginning of the session we were introduced to our brief, which explained that we would be looking into an end product, where we will be creating (8) pages of image to portray William Blake’s poem “London”. 

The poem is a quite a depressing one, written in 1794, which I’m going to assume were depressing times, (not great at history.) He talks a lot about different people crying (men, children and chimney sweepers – if I remember correctly…), the blood of soldiers on walls and the charted thames. Pretty miserable things to notice when walking around town. One could assume that these 8 pages are going to be pretty dark. 

We then looked into different archetypes and how as designers we are told to chose one to portray when working with customers. For example, Revolutionary, Heroic and Gesture


An archetype is a universally familiar character or situation that transcends time, place culture, gender and age. It represents an external truth.

We then started to look more into type and the there seem to be two categories – Precisionist and Expressionist. The first is doing faces for public consumption whilst the other is illustrating letters in any shape or form. 

Next up was getting familiar with Photoshop. I actually have used photoshop before for design and to illustrate in my own time but I did still learn a few new things as well as be reminded of some old. 



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