Mark Making – Second session

Thursday 13th October 2016 was my second mark making session. Since we had already gone over how to mark make and been introduced to the main techniques, this day was just to recap and develop our ideas more towards the brief.

We started by creating our own mark making tools out of whatever we could find. I decided to stick mainly to paper but also attempted one with a straw and some ribbon. These seemed to less successful with the ink we were using (bit too watery.)

Using our tools we did some experiments with what the marks we could make on A3 pages, before scanning those marks to start to create collages of each other. It was quite fun to have to search for different marks that we could experiment with in order to create images of each other. It’s funny how in my drawings, I tend to be very detailed and precise but when mark making and collaging, I tend to be very block and I kind of like the look.


Looking at my prints, I think they should be quite fun to experiment with (by adding colour and researching relevant illustrators).


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