Okay Dude.

Alex Watson

The person I choose as my subject for this interrogation happens to be my good friend Alex Watson. I feel like using his full name is appropriate in this because it kind of reminds me of Clark Kent and how they use his full name. (Or Peter Parker, Mirror Master, Bruce Banner… You get the point.)  I guess it’s my job to find out a little more about him and what makes him the brilliant illustrator he is today.


So, Alex, what was your inspiration growing up?

Comic books. Comic books and my Superman animated 1945 VHS. That was my first exposure to super heroes. Actually. It was myths and legends book given to me by my Grandfather. 

Why comic books? 

Because it’s a nice easy escape from real life, where the impossible is possible. Plus the art is really nice, I’ve always liked the art you get in comic books. I mean I’ve always loved books but I love the visual aspect that comic books bring. 

Who is/are your favourite characters – from what Universe? 

Spider man from the marvel Universe because when I  was younger I identified with him ’cause he was a teen who was unsure of himself and coming to terms with the responsibility that came with his great power.

And from DC, it’s really cliche but Batman because he was always the goals of the ideal man. To be smart as well as have a rocking bod’ (body). Plus he was really cool and often spoke to me in my teenage years, because he was dark and brooding  and he wore black all the time. 

Is there anything in particular that inspires your illustrations?

I strive to be as good as Alex Ross, because I love his illustrative style and how it’s hyper realistic in one way, but also really campy and comic in another. 

What is your goal when it comes to illustration? 

To illustrate. (Idiot.) 

Below I’ve inserted some of Alex’s work – I think you can see for yourself how amazing it is. 


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