The Aldgate Area

First piece of homework entering London Metropolitan was based on becoming familiar with the area and the small pieces of art hidden in it. This, I guess, boiled down to the type of person you are and what your artistic eye perceived and translated from the brief. The brief was pretty broad and said to document surfaces in the area using pictures, drawings or making a rubbing.

I felt most comfortable documenting through taking photos then selecting the parts I thought were most important in order to understand why I decided to take that particular photo. I guess the point of the task was to realise that Aldgate as an area is full of art and you just have to open your eyes to your surroundings, however as a person who doesn’t really come to the area, I feel like I kinda picked up on this anyway. The area’s personality is divided I feel because of the history oozing out of some areas but then again, all the building work going on and the large geometric buildings towering over as a reminder that does change happen.

So on my way home one I took a few pictures of anything that caught my eye as interesting and I personally find that it’s the small details in the larger picture that says the most. Then based off these pictures I picked out keys features as to why I choose to take it an placed them in my sketchbook alongside some of the photos.

Overall I think it’s a good exercise in order to help people look up from the pavement because art is all around us and as the quote goes:

“The earth without ‘art’ is just ‘eh'” by Unknown


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