Monday 7th November 2016 we started the Typography workshop and I have to admit it was something that I was looking forward to (though I heard many others complain). There’s something about type that I find interesting and I enjoy looking at/experimenting with. 

The first part of the session we spent in the library making a poster on the the different terms we’ll have to know about typography. I learnt a few new things that I didn’t realise was included in the topic. A lot of the things you don’t realise you’re doing or editing when you’re writing something or creating a piece of the computer, we take for granted. Like how on word you can just highlight your text, choose a font, a type, set the paragraph alignment. There’s also somethings that doesn’t even cross your mind like ligature or kerning, so I think it’s cool that we get to look at this because not many people know the depths to typography (I hope I don’t regret saying this later and my fascination stays).

The second half of the session was a whole lot more interesting and fun. We got to get our hands on the actually printing and see how long but rewarding the process is. Type in the olden days must of been the longest thing ever but definitely a skill worth having. There are a lot of different tools, not all of which I remember the names to and I should probably take notes on Thursday but I remember the process of what I need to do.

Picking the letters individually (takes a while but you eventually get a feel of where they are), making sure the little groove is facing out, adding led between each line, using blank blocks to create spaces an fill up spaces between lines. It’s kinda long but the end result is very satisfying. I also had a little snoop in some of the draws in the room and was fascinated by all the different types of blocks with the vast amount of type. There was a specific old Roman type that I really wanted to try out printing one day.


Overall, I think it was an interesting workshop, probably my favourite so far.


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