Drawing workshop – 1

Monday 14th November 2016 This first session was mainly just going to the museum of childhood with a small sketchbook and filling up 20 pages of anything we liked, titled under manmade. The other 20 pages were left aside for natural objects, so anything like leaves, stones, fruit. This was pretty chill (except it’s hard to get much work done in a museum swarming with kids, noise and not much space to sit down…). 

We were given pretty much freedom on how we wanted to draw the images (colours, tools, strokes, emotion) for both natural and manmade objects alike. 



I’m not really sure what’s the homework but I’m going to assume it’s just to continue to draw and fill up sketchbooks, learning the difference between nature and man made objects. My goal will be to eventually fill the entire sketchbook because I don’t think it’s something I am capable of doing.


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