Typography – Session two

20th November 2016 The second half of the typography was a lot less exciting then the first, probably because we were on the computers and it was a lot less hands on. 

The first part of the workshop consisted of us looking at the work we had created on Monday and cutting up the letterforms to play around with on a A3 grided sheet. Here we looked at size and composition, moving the words round to create different effects, in order to get our message across. 

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We then got to have a look at Indesign and took the same sentence we had created on Monday to play around with size, space and all the things that we had research on our poster. It was cool to try out the different aspects first hand/in real life and how they can effect your work, including colour and page size. 

After creating a poster, we then had to think a little further about things like: Can it be seen from far away? What colours best bring out your message/emphasis certain words? 

Above is an example of a poster that I pulled together, experimenting with different tools (as I’ve never used Indesign before). The poster with the black writing was my first poster and the white writing was the edited version. Turns out the white works better cause it’s more bold, a better contrast to the red and black spots. I also changed the size of the font so it can be seen a little more. 

In general I guess I can see that doing it on the computer is less fussy and easier to maneuver but there is more satisfaction and pride by doing it by hand, even if it takes hours longer.     


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