Critical Design Thinking – Final piece

The final thing to do for this workshop was to assemble the zines with our own front and back pages. For this I went ahead and did mine on photoshop so that it was more clean and professional looking. I’d already had the idea for my front page and had drawn in out on paper as a draft and stuck it into my sketchbook, however I still hadn’t quite come up with a back page. So whilst I thought about my back cover, I whipped up my front.


After finishing the front, I decided to do something on the same subject and style for the back, so I came up with an idea that was kind of leaving the reader with an option, a seed for thought.


Overall, I was rather happy with my pages. They were bright and fun with little writing on the front and back so I could get away with a quote/ explanation for my middle page. They may have taken a little more thought then they looked but it was worth it in the end I think, seeing the whole book together, I think I got my message across.


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