Photography -Session One

Monday 16th January 2017 

First photography class and I was looking to forward to it. I’ve never studied photography before and but I’ve always loved taking pictures and enjoyed doing so, whether as an artist project or just everyday documenting. 

The first part of the session I must say rather long and boring (no offence to the tutor who was lovely) but sitting for the first half of the day looking through a powerpoint listening to a teacher talk has never been my strong point, I’ve always been more hands on. I’m not sure if it was cause it was the first Monday of the year back and I was super tired or if I just generally couldn’t keep track of what was going on, I didn’t take much in.

camera-aperture(Example of Aperture)

high-speed-photography-4(Example of Shutter Speed)

However, the second part of the session was a lot more hands on. We started off playing a game that involved the whole class and got us all involved and laughing (mainly at each other). The game we were playing was called “(found out the name and insert)” and we were told we’d need to use this to help us with our brief. After this, keeping our stories in mind, we got to start taking photos o our cameras. Experimenting with the focus, the aperture, shutter speed and exposure. I didn’t really get it when were in the presentation (probably just struggled taking it in) but getting to try it out yourself first hand to see what worked and not, was a lot better.

Here’s a few examples of experimenting with light, position, speed and just generally playing with the settings…

I’ve definitely learnt some things but I think it’s going to take some practise getting used to the new information and learn how to control it to better my work. I reckon I’m going to enjoy this sector of the workshops and look forward to learning about that dark room cause that sounds kinda cool.


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