Photography – The Dark Room

Wednesday 25th January 2017 (Morning) This was my first time being in a dark room with intention of using the facilities. I had been in a dark room before in a tour around the school but didn’t know I was actually going to be allowed to use it for my own projects. 

The first part of the morning consisted of going through the rules of the dark room – the important one being it must stay dark. That means no light apart from the red light because if anyone was developing their work, light would ruin it. This includes leaving the paper out near the door where a little light comes through.

Leaving paper out in light would expose the paper meaning you ruin the paper because after that all the paper will just come out blank/all black. To avoid this, you just have to keep paper and film out of direct light.

I hadn’t been able to take some of my own shots but I could still do the work and borrowed some of Agnieszak’s negatives to develop. (Thanks Aga!)

The first part we did, didn’t even include using negatives, we just used objects to create shadows, play with light and shapes. Here are some of my shots experimenting with a lizard, some rope and some marbles:


The rest of the session was used to experiment with developing the negatives in two different ways. The strip of negatives and individuals we had to focus on. This consisted of experimenting with developing time and light. It’s a fiddly process but it’s fun.

I enjoyed the dark room session and see it as a useful tool/process to know and have access to. I hope be able to use the room again at some point for another project.


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