Book Binding (Petticoat Lane project)

Monday 20th February 2017 This was the second workshop I did that day (after Riso printing). This workshop wasn’t very long but we basically learnt that there are different types of book binding and to keep an open mind when deciding on our own book binding for our publication. The one we attempted in class was the french fold. Which included lots of paper, lots of folding and a whole lot of layered gluing. The end result though was definitely worth it. 

french fold
An Example of how french fold works/can be effective

After the session, I decided to look up a few more type of way to bind books and here are some I found.

saddle stitching
Saddle stitching
Perfect binding
Section Sewing
Section Sew
wire binding
Wire binding/ Spiral binding
Cased-in wire binding
Pamphlet Binding
Coptic binding

There a many more different ways, some very creative but these are just a few I found. My favourites might have to be the Japanese because they seem straight forward yet so effective and the coptic binding, however that one seems a little more complicated.

I’ll have to think about which type of binding will most suit my publication and what I want to say about it but it was a good introduction and an eye opener to the possibilities.



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