The 24 hour project

This was a out of Uni project, set by my lovely friend (Alex)’s Grandmother for his passed Grandfather.Basically a commission. She had asked him to create a banner, showing one of his favourite Hymns since he was an organ player. Knowing him, he left it last minute, practically the day before it was due and there was no way he could do the banner his grandfather deserved in that amount of time, alone. So I offered my help.

The rules been set for us was that the banner had to be 8ft long, one of his favourite hymns and the other information – which Alex knew since it was given to him. Alex went out and bought some card from Cass Art as well as some pens and superglue and with some help from his Mum we decided on the hymn (from their hymn book no less) The Lord is My Shepard. I’m not all that into hymns, neither am I part of that religion but I knew this one.

We started off having to take a lot of measurements, if we wanted the big one to look good, we’d have to take the measurements off the one from the book and upscale them. Now we’re not the best at maths but with a calculator and some logic, we managed a pretty decent job.

Calculating and measuring everything out, the lines spacing on the large paper took a very long time. Of course cause it was so important it had to. My measuremnts weren’t too good so I had to leave Alex to set out the lines in pencils. After hours of placing lines on paper, I had to go over them in a jet black ink pen. Not long after I had to start with the notes. Alex knew I was good with drawing circles so suggested I did this, so I went ahead and gave it a go. Penciling everything to make sure it was in proportion before going over them in that same black pen. It was 3am when I finished the first sheet… UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_3fbb

The next day I got up and carried on from where I left off. Alex went back out to get more equipment and I went hard at work, penciling, going over in pen and rubbing out any left over marks. It wasn’t till 7pm rolled around did I complete.


Last thing we had to do was stick it all together (so it could be a proper banner) then set it out ready for shipping the next day. To stick together, we had some trouble. At first, Alex just placed some card on the back with some spray on adhesive and it seemed fine till we had to roll it and it started cracking apart. We then tried super glue but it didn’t want to stick down so we added some clear lament tape on the back and rolled it up, hoping it would stay till it got the other side.

Thankfully, we sent it off, tightly wound up in a tube and it arrived in time to his Grandmother who (I was told) loved it.

All in all, it was a tense 24hrs but we managed to complete the task (which unfortunately meant I missed Uni but some sacrifices are meant to be made sometimes) and I think Alex’s grandfather would of been happy with the piece.

(If I get the pictures I’ll make sure to update this post and show you.)


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