Animation – Coming up with ideas

d doodles.

I had a little time trying to catch up with projects as well as sorting out my ideas but I finally got round to thinking about my animation. I missed some of the workshops but I reckon it’s nothing I couldn’t work on/out in my own time.

I started with a mind map, thinking about my 30secs clip and I went down the music route, since I didn’t really think making my own music on top of the animation would work in the time frame I had for this project.


My initial thoughts were that I would need to cover all the different types of ways of doing an animation but stick to one song and theme if I could. Without realising, I’d chosen dreamlike tracks and came up with a mermaid idea, making sure to think about it in different ways, such as photography, real life and puppet like, as well as animation, drawn by hand (something I was really drawn to – excuse the pun).

I started thinking about what I wanted my mermaid to look like and the story line I wanted to convey in my 30seconds. Above are my initial thoughts and doodles.


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