Animation – Final idea

So my final idea was to do a drawing animation. This I knew was going to be hard but I knew it was possible and the outcome, though it may be challenging, had the potential to be really good. I started off thinking I could just draw it frame by frame but soon realised that would take years and would need to be photographed. I then remembered I was pretty decent on photoshop and that it could work very in my favour. It would still take time but I wouldn’t need to redraw the same image over and over again, as much as I would just need to edit the same one again and save step by step. Doable.


I started off right from the start, drawing the first few frames – the mermaid opening her eyes. I just draw one image, making sure everything was as perfect as I could get (eyebrows on fleek) then just manipulated the same images over and over, slowly making her open her eyes.  Here are some randomly chosen images from the process:

Although not finished, I’m confident about the final piece. It’s taking me a while and I’m still debating if I want to use my mermaid makeup at the end but I’m looking forward to it and should probably get back to it…


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