Animation – First idea

So I had several ideas but not a lot of time. I decided to try and knock two birds with one stone if I could mush ideas together. This mainly included my puppet-like idea and my photography idea. I had already planned out the story, I just needed to show it using different techniques.


The first idea was a puppet-like mermaid animation. For this, I drew up a mermaid in parts, separating her a bit there was a joint for movement, then cut her out. From there, I backed her onto black card and put her together using blue tack. After that, all there was to do was shoot. Slowly taking pictures with each “movement” I created. This mainly took place in the tail, the hand, the hair and of course the head. I set up a light at an attempt of controlled lighting and also used flash to get the clearest shots I could.

This process was pretty fiddly but turned out okay, although not as smooth as I would have liked in terms of the camera movement (I don’t have a tripod so hand shots aren’t exactly reliable for this). However I was proud as this was a first time thing for me.


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