Animation – Idea two


My other idea involved photography shots, this was mainly for the first part of my animation where I had planned to have mermaid eyes opening. I had attempted this with drawing but also wanted to try it with real life shots, not images off the internet. My solution? Turn myself into a mermaid.

I set aside a day to really do a proper mermaid inspired makeup look, going off the drawings I created. Here’s the look I came up with:

I tried to make it as bright and eccentric as I could (I’m not a makeup artist or professional) and was pretty proud of the outcome. The idea was to use this for the beginning and use the stop motion I did with the puppet mermaid as the next bit and so on. However, I’m thinking if I get the shots right, I could use it in my final piece, at the end when the mermaid turns into colour.


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