Animation – INTRO

Thursday 9th March 2017  When we were first introduced to this project I felt like I wasn’t going to be any good at it. I know I’m decent on things like photoshop but I don’t exactly rate myself on the IT spectrum.

As part of the briefing, we were told to look into sounds, collecting our own sounds and how you can create a story based off sounds. For example, I recorded a sound of the wind which happened to be particularly strong that day and I seemed to have forgot I was needing this recording for my work as I made an exclamation and it became part part of my 10secs of sound. From this, I thought it sounded like a windy day at the beach and someone shouting out in excitement/happiness (who doesn’t get happy about the beach?) and I had to do the same for two more sound clips.


I guess this was to generate ideas and how much can come from so little (such as a simple everyday sound) but I can’t say I got any ideas straight away.


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