CS Package Homework/development

Although I understood what a calligram was, I didn’t really know where to start with my own for the William Blake poem. So having the brief with a few people to research was actually helpful for once (I normally hate research and find it doesn’t help me very much, just wastes time that I could be using to create things…).  My favourite in terms of calligrams that I researched, wasn’t actually on the brief, I just some how stumbled upon him – Guillaume Apollinaire. He did lovely little calligrams of his poems, the most recognised one (or the one I saw kept coming up) was the one of the lady in a hat. I have no idea what the poem was about but I’m sure it was a little about a graceful french women since that’s what the image, mixed with the type came off as. His art is simple, black and white and bold, the words flow.


The other graphic designers/illustrators/typography people I searched and rather liked in a different manner, would be Non-Format. A two people business with lovely imagery, bold, dark and quite modern, I think it reminded me of perhaps a remake of a calligram of  the “London” poem. The images I looked at were white (ish) backgrounds, black and gold lettering, shapes and imagery, all very bold and mysterious.

I say that research has helped but I still didn’t have a clue as to what I wanted (or should be doing) so I just had to wing it and try a few different things till something looked or felt right to use.

I tried generating some ideas but I wasn’t sure it was the look I was trying to go for. I was debating if I wanted colour or a particular palette, etc, I also wasn’t sure style to go for.

I decided to leave it as the next workshop came round and told myself I’d revisit later and that I did. Projects later, I decided to have another look at the brief and see if I could piece together what I needed to do. Giving myself a break and time to refresh allowed me to pick up on things I didn’t notice or understand before. I highlighted the fact I need to choose a perspective – like Hero, Jester, Lover, etc. As well as…


I was originally torn on choosing between three different perspectives but after jotting down some ideas, I settled on Lover because I guess I liked the idea of romancing something that really wasn’t romantic.


I jotted some ideas for each page and when I was happy went ahead. Here is some of my final pages:


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