Critical Design Thinking – 2

Thursday 20th October 2016 (I decided to just add this session with the first one in one blog post because I don’t think I have much to say, at least for a whole separate blog post.)

For this session we didn’t do too much more then the first session to be honest. Having done all the hard thinking on Monday, Thursday was more about finalising our ideas and starting to think of how we want to present our fanzine pages. We looked at Teal Triggs “Fanzines” which had many examples of different types of fanzines and gave us ideas of what we could do for ours. For me, I found it really useful because I was worried I’d have to do a lot of writing. However, it’s not an essay and turns out that I can use images, type or writing to convey my message, as long as I get it across.

I decided to go with open mindedness because it was what I was most passionate about and what the other two categories came under anyway. Knowing that I could use anything I wanted to get my message across, I decided to go for cartoons and perhaps some writing on the middle page just to explain myself further. I have to do research for homework that may inspire me further but I’m a lot more confident and happy knowing what I’m doing now then I was after Monday.


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