Drawing Workshop 2

Thursday 17th November 2016 This session was actually quite fun as we were back in the studio and for the first time, actually given a chance to draw without too much expectation. We started off working on an A1, black and white drawing of something we had sketched in our little sketchbook. I had chosen the doll I had sketched on my first page, enlarging her so her whole head filled the page. I used charcoal, compressed charcoal, fine liner and pencil to achieve my large (almost gothic) drawing. I’m not confident in drawing large and normally struggle with proportions but I was rather surprised and happy with my drawing. 


We then went on to draw a large natural object (that I had to go and find since I hadn’t done one) on another sheet of A1 which was in a completely different style to my man made – just how I draw apparently, one was a lot softer then the other, the manmade seemed a little more cartoon but I reckon that’s just how I draw people.

The second half of the session was a lot more fun cause it was a team effort (the whole class was involved) to create a long page (a roll the size of our tables) of all our illustrations. It was all in black and white and we got to choose our preferred tool to draw in but we got to discuss together who drew what where, to create not a series of images but one large image (kinda like a wall of graffiti). I was rather proud of the final image because everyone had pulled their weight to join in and fill the space. It was a long and tiering day but the end image was worth it. 


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