Petticoat Lane – Experimenting

So after having a look around, I had to research into the area, find out the history and what interested me. Having taken so many pictures of the market area, I was kind of interested into how it had changed, the differences between then and now.

I researched the rag trade, what they used to sell back then, who used to inhabit the area, how it became so famous. From there, I decided that that’s what I wanted to show, the change and yet how it still stayed so popular.

I wanted to find interesting ways in which I could show the differences, not just images side by side. I originally wanted to create something like one of those billboards that have changing images. (You know the ones where they have panels and they turn around to create different images?) But I wanted mine 2D. So I looked into something interactive for the reader and found a tutorial on how to create a one of those cards that push and pull paper in order to reveal the other image. It took a few practices an I learnt I would have to use thick card in order for it to work but it was just what I wanted. So that sorted out at least two of my 8 pages.

The other thing I wanted to include was two pages showing the new and old street signs. The original name was Petticoat lane of course but was changed in later on to Middlesex street. I wanted to show the difference in the signs as well as the name, dedicating a page to each. I originally wanted to use the letter press room but never got round to it so tried to do my own letter press at home. I went to the art store, bought some ink and some letter forms so print with and experimented. This is something delicate and a little messy but something I really enjoyed and came out better then I expected.

I came up with a few more pages for the final piece as well as a colour theme but I think I will include those in my final Petticoat Lane post (so stay tuned!). I’m not sure how the final piece will turn out but I’ve tried really hard to come up with 8 exciting pages for my publication and the only thing left is to put it together in a just as exciting way.


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