Petticoat Lane – Gathering Ideas

I was a little late to the topic having been sick but I was determined to catch up and from what I gathered, there was’t much I needed to.

At the beginning, the only thing I’d missed, had been walking around Petticoat lane and the market area, taking photos, doing interviews and researching the area. All I could do in my spare time. So I did. In my lunch break I explored the area, took some photos and went home to print them, look at them in more detail.

To start off I had to do a mind map, to try and get down any initial ideas or thoughts. I wasn’t all that sure about what I was doing (I mean, to be honest, do I ever?) but after having another briefing two weeks later, I had a lot more ideas and options on what I could/wanted to do.


After that< i had a look into how I could present my pictures so they weren’t just stuck int A4, which can look like I don’t really care or have put in much effort. I decided to cut around the buildings and streets in order to emphasis certain aspects of the images. The bits which I thought were most interesting. My printer happened to run out of coloured ink but after having printed them out in black and white, turns out I rather prefer it. I think it kind of helped to see it as it was back then, less colourful like it is now.

I also experimented with highlighting certain bits with a black fine liner and I rather liked the look. I know I have to work in colour, since the project says two tones but I think I still have a long way to go and this was just a start.



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