Screen Printing – Final Pieces

After having gathered some work from everyone in our group, Aga put together a sheet with the order of the images and the size they were going to come out. (I don’t have this sheet I’m afraid).

In the Screen printing workshop we experimented with different types of paper as well as colours. We kept to our theme feminism, trying our best to show it in different creative ways, like mixing colours and adding shapes to the back ground. Here are some the final pieces, all using different types of paper, colours and combinations. I’m not sure which is my favourite but it would have to be between the one on the brown paper, silver spots and black drawings because it’s not an obvious girly combination but still “pretty” in a way. However not in a obvious way because you can only really see the silver spots when they catch the light.  I also really like the one with the colourful spots in the background because it’s really for everyone, since feminism isn’t targeted towards just woman but anyone who supports the movement.


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