Petticoat Lane – Final Piece

So this is the final step to my Petticoat Lane publication and it was not easy.

I had no idea how I was going to print or bind the pages, only what paper stock (thick card) and the colour theme – dark red and black. I knew I waned to include some pictures from my sketchbook, mainly drawings I had done but maybe a few pictures I had taken too. I also knew I wanted to include some letterpress into at least two of the pages, if not more. I wanted to continue the theme of comparing Petticoat Lane now vs then, remembering I had eight pages to do so.

In the end I tried my best to find an interesting way to show Petticoat Lane off. I decided to go A5 as if it was a leaflet for the area or something and for binding I didn’t want staples, cause I thought that was a little simple/basic, so I went for a hole punch and threaded through some ribbon to act like it’s almost a gift. I did my two copies in two different colours simply because I ran out of red card but also so I could show how either works. I think the overall piece works well and I’m glad/proud of how it came out, despite how much I struggled with putting together the final piece.


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