Manifesto Project

With this project, it was supposed to be an extension on the “Design Manifesto” blog we did at the beginning of the year and overall not a very complicated end of year project. Looking back at my original design manifesto, one of my tutors pointed out I did it wrong, which is fine because I had no clue what I had to do back then so just did what I could. I’d made good aims for the year but I hadn’t written them out properly in the manifesto form (bullet points basically).

So I decided to make mine different from everyone else’s and do a different topic, one I found that I treasured close to my heart and that was ‘self love’/’body image’. I think in the society we’re living in today, with all the celebrities, social media and access to so many things that aren’t good for us, the best thing we can do is learn to love ourselves unconditionally and accept that we are who are and we shouldn’t want to be anyone else. I started off with a mind map before researching into what a Manifesto is again and finding key things to help me.

From there, I made a list slogans I could use that went with my theme and that was pretty much my intro to the project.


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