Manifesto – Workshop

For this project, I can’t say I was 100% into it at first since my mind was occupied by all the other projects that I hadn’t completed yet but there were a few workshops being held that I tried to pop into.

The first workshop was really just introducing us into type and how we can show off letters. We all had to choose one letter to focus on first, trying to come up with as many A3 sheets of colourful letters as we could. It was a quick process to just help us generate ideas and the outcome was many random sheets of the same letter in different styles, colours and materials. It was a good way to open our eyes to how we can use type to convey ideas.

The second workshop, we looked out how we could use one material – like masking tape – to create different fonts with different intentions behind them. For example, Old, young, soft or sleepy, there are many ways one can portray this on different surfaces. I thought to keep mine simple and placed mine on the table but tried a funky font to accentuate my word of ‘Young’. I didn’t really know what it was going to look like or if the idea i had was going to work but I rather like the final piece and it worked well on how I saw the word ‘young’ being portrayed.

I think the workshops were interesting to see how you can play with type and how adventurous you can be.



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