Manifesto – Final Pieces

The final piece I knew was going to be hard but I didn’t expect them to take as long as they did (probably down to me being a perfectionist when I can be).

I had to be very cautious on how I drew the bodies and wrote out the writing because I didn’t want to leave pencil marks or go out of the lines when colouring in – so technically I gave myself one shot to get it right. Drawing out the bodies was easier than I thought but writing was incredibly difficult because I didn’t have the right tools for some of the stuff I was trying to do (like my pen tip was too small) and so I ended up with a really bad cramp half way through. Despite this, I persevered cause I wanted to finish it all in one night. I decided to add the pop on pink in the letters because it was both bright and enticing as well as feminine. The reason I chose the gold outline was because it was a reminder that our bodies are something to be treasured like gold and I think it complements the pink rather well.


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