Manifesto – Process

After having jotted down my initial ideas, I went back to Uni and talked with a tutor about my ideas and her main point for improvement was to try and have a proper look at type. Look at existing type and see how I can development my own from them but mainly make sure I get it down to a t first and not just free hand.

So I went ahead and look on and picked a selection I thought worked for what I was trying to say and looked attractive as well as functional. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4055

After having put the lost in my book, I practised with some on some body templates I drew up on Photoshop (based on my ideas for my final three bodies). I made a few notes on what worked and what didn’t but I knew I couldn’t tell for sure till i tried it in A2.

I drew up some mock A2 bodies, to get a feel on the bodies themselves and their proportions. I decided it was best to go exaggerated in order to get the message across as well as grab attention. The second part to the experiment was to try the different fonts in the A2 card and see how well I could fill up the space. I’m awful at drawing in big and this was no exception. I realised I’d have to put a lot of care into my final piece, meaning using a ruler and measuring out every letter, curve and pen ink used to get my final look to be perfect.


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