Manifesto – Development

So I went back with my research and ideas from the workshops and decided to jot down some ideas playing with both the type but also I think what was really important was the background of the placard. Since placards are wanting to be seen from a far and make a statement, I wanted my … Continue reading Manifesto – Development

Petticoat Lane – Final Piece

So this is the final step to my Petticoat Lane publication and it was not easy. I had no idea how I was going to print or bind the pages, only what paper stock (thick card) and the colour theme - dark red and black. I knew I waned to include some pictures from my … Continue reading Petticoat Lane – Final Piece

Typography – Final posters

Typography wasn't a great big project so I didn't have much to do, other than create 3 A3 posters relating to what we did in class. I had already created these posters in class but since I couldn't find them on the computer, I had to regenerate another three. I decided to go with the same … Continue reading Typography – Final posters

Screen Printing – Final Pieces

After having gathered some work from everyone in our group, Aga put together a sheet with the order of the images and the size they were going to come out. (I don't have this sheet I'm afraid). In the Screen printing workshop we experimented with different types of paper as well as colours. We kept … Continue reading Screen Printing – Final Pieces

Petticoat Lane – Experimenting

So after having a look around, I had to research into the area, find out the history and what interested me. Having taken so many pictures of the market area, I was kind of interested into how it had changed, the differences between then and now. I researched the rag trade, what they used to … Continue reading Petticoat Lane – Experimenting